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Away with the bland white household appliances!

The megatrend “individualisation” is very important and shapes the world we live in, especially in own four walls. If design and functionality can be combined to make a more coherent composition, one may get more pleasure from the useful technical household aids.

Stylish domestic appliances will soon be the visual highlight of every kitchen. A chic refrigerator, that fits in terms of design, is guaranteed to give a huge wow-effect. Just as an individually designed toaster or kettle will soon become a beautiful kitchen accessory, with a high-value appearance, creating a special atmosphere. Allowing domestic appliances to become a part of the ambience rather than being stuck in a cupboard or the cellar. The Perigon solution is functional and durable. Unsightly peeling, flaking foils are a thing of the past!

Away with the boring "white" of the household appliance industry

Perigon offers a fast, relatively inexpensive solution, no matter how high or low the production volumes are. When integrating this process into your existing processes, we will remain at your side for advice and support to hinder any loss in efficiency and ensure that logistics aren’t negatively affected in any way. Don’t worry about high stocks or overproduction. Being unique will not cost you a fortune. With Perigon you can individualise on demand!

Your additional brand value

  • Combination of functionality with the desired design of your customer
  • Durable, scratch-resistant design
  • On-demand production
  • No high stock or overproduction

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