Bottles & flacons as unique as the product itself

Individual Bottles & flacons

as unique as the product itself

Strengthen your brand identity!

In order to stand out from the competition and highlight the premium character of a brand, eye-catching and stylish designs are a must. This is not just the case for the perfume business, whereby the fragrance and the design need to harmonise, inspire and send a message. It also applies to the beverage industry: drinking waters and teas becomes lighter, healthier and more sustainable, while beers become more fun when the bottle is something special.

Step away from the masses! We offer you the possibility to create an exclusive design on your glass bottle. Strengthen your brand identity and inspire new customers! There are no limits: regular limited specials, each possible with unique or local designs without any problems.

Forbidden Cocktails

Forbidden Cocktails

Success story

A story of ingenuity and artistry. Eye-catching and stylish designs are part of their brand identity.

Experience the magic of Forbidden!

Dispense of sticky labelling which can fall off, can complicate processes and lead to production problems and increase the waste deposited into the environment.

Perigon offers a quick, inexpensive solution, regardless of the size of production. We will be there by your side to help and advice during the integration into existing processes, to ensure that your efficiency and logistics are not affected. No need to worry about high stock or overproduction. The uniqueness won’t cost you’re a fortune. Let Perigon help you customise on-demand!

Individual bottle

Limited specials with unique designs are possible without any problems!

Your additional brand value

  • Exclusivity of the brand
  • Existing processes can be maintained
  • Lower storage costs
  • No overproduction
  • No high min quantities to allow cost/production efficiency

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