Crocs shoes on demand


We believe in the uniqueness of every person, our heart beats for individualisation. We are convinced everybody should have the opportunity to adapt their environment, their coffee machine, their sports equipment, to their personal lifestyle – and of course their CROCS!

In April 2022 CROCS together with PERIGON created a unique customer experience in one of London´s most well-known department stores. Simple white CROCS become a beautiful work of art in front of the customers eyes. Not only do customers choose from a range of outstanding designs, they become spectators of the quick and impressive printing process right in the shop. After just a couple of minutes their CROCS are a piece of art ready to take home.

A joint project by CROCS and Perigon

The Corner Shop of Selfridges & Co on Oxford Street is one of London's most famous department stores. And it is here that a very special project took place in April 2022. The motto: Let's change the way we shop! It's about sustainability, about questioning our consumer behaviour and changing people's thinking for a better future - and Perigon was part of this exciting project.

Under the name “Project Earth”, Selfridges & Co aims to get people to rethink without compromising the shopping experience. As part of this project, SUPERMARKET was opened. This was a four-week retail experiment. In “The Corner Shop” there were various pop-up stores for this period that showed customers what shopping could look like in the future.

In the Crocs Store, sustainability was lived in the sense of print on demand. Only what is actually needed is produced. On the one hand, this reduces the creation of waste, and on the other hand, the shopping experience is all the greater for the customers, because they get products made individually for them within a few minutes and can also see them live.

The process is quite simple

                • The customers buys white CROCS in the store
                • He then chooses a design from various motifs created by London artist Tejumola Butler Adenuga especially for this project.
                • This design is then transferred to the shoes in a Perigon oven using the patented HDMF technology …done!
                • Afterwards, the shoes are ready to go – no song time, no wrong shoe sizes or designs you don’t like. It is produced according to the customer’s wishes, so there is no waste due to misproduction or overproduction.

                And here is the making of ...!

                Understanding the perigon process

                With the unique, patented and proven Perigon process any complex shape can be designed regardless of material.

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                Perigon offers a fast, cost-effective solution, no matter how large the run is. We provide advice and support for integration into existing processes so that efficiency and logistics are not compromised. High stock levels and overproduction are a thing of the past thanks to Perigon. 

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