Who is Perigon? About us

Who is Perigon?

About us - what defines us!

Perigon brings creativity to life

Individualisation and unique designs are gaining more and more importance in all areas of life, across all generations. Whether athletes use sports equipment to express their passion, a fashion enthusiast designs footwear to embrace his individual style, or you just want to create a harmonised atmosphere, by designing your kitchen appliances to match your decor: adapting our environment to our individual taste creates a well-being never before possible – using everyday items to express our uniqueness.

"Customers globally will be able to express their feelings and emotions in a very unique way."

Peter Wahsner, CEO Sihl Group

The leading companies, in the areas of materials and technology, Sihl and Trichord have joined forces to create “PERIGON” – the German-based company is the first company to offer the world, unique technical solutions for productive, cost-effective production of transferring designs to complex 3D objects. With the patented and proven Perigon process and technology, every complex shape, regardless of material can be designed whereby the production volumes no longer play a role.

Who is behind Perigon?

Get to know Sihl

Sihl Group

Sihl is a strong partner for future-orientated industries and creates innovative solutions with its premium coatings.

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Get to know Trichord

Trichord Group

Trichord Group owns the global patents to High Definition Micro Fusions (HDMF), the Dye Diffusion technology that allow us to decorate complex 3D objects

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We believe in the uniqueness of every person, therefore our heart beats for individualisation. We are convinced everybody should have the opportunity to adapt their environment, their shoes, their coffee machine, their sports equipment to their personal lifestyle.

With our solutions, we enable brands to inspire their customers through innovative personalisation and encourage participation in product design. Whether single or small runs, or mass production, through the uncomplicated and quick process you can produce the quantity you need.

With Perigon you produce creativity on demand

We take responsibility and create fair working conditions. Our goal is to minimise the ecological footprint.

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