When the World revolves around YOU

When the World revolves around YOU

Enable Creativity

Unique possibilities in design and personalisation

How about designing your own skateboard or dream shoes to match your outfit? Should a refrigerator be better integrated into the design of the kitchen, or maybe your coffee machine?  Isn’t good design created as close as possible to or together with the end customer? Do standardised manufacturing processes prevent mass customised products?

Individual ski helmets

Your customers are unique!

Perigon offers brand owners, retailers and online shops the solution for implementing their customers' creative ideas.

Become part of a revolution! We, the leading companies in materials and technology – Sihl and Trichord – have joined forces and founded Perigon – the first company to offer the world unique technical solutions for productive, cost-effective production of transferring designs to complex 3D objects.

Endless possibilities

What if you could ...

design your dream shoe to match your outfit?


It would be unique ...

if your board matched your own personal style!

Sport & Lifestyle

Should the refrigerator ...

be better integrated into the design of the kitchen?

Domestic appliances

The Process is so simple:

  • The printed film is fixed over the object in the oven and the temperature is increased until the film is soft.
  • Diffusion begins: that means, the ink becomes a gas and transfers into the structure of the object.
  • Now a vacuum is created and the flexible film is sucked down around the product.
  • The image is reproduced.
See for yourself!

Bottles and flacons,

as unique as your products themselves!


Fast, efficient and cost-effective

Fulfil customer wishes on demand

Print on demand