Individual lifestyle with proven quality and safety

Individual lifestyle

with proven quality and safety


Put an end to boring skateboards, snowboards, or helmets. How about if your customers could design their own boards with their own ideas to make their world a little unique? With a matching or corresponding helmet?

One way to do this is with stickers or self-adhesive films, often a short-lived pleasure. Most of the time these don’t adhere properly to the object and come off after a short time. Perigon has the optimal alternative here – durable, scratch resistant and clean.

Combine quality and safety with the lifestyle of your audience!

Perigon offers you a cost-efficient solution to fit your business goals, superb mass production with various standard designs which won’t interrupt standard processes or result in loss of efficiency, as well as a perfect solution for complete freedom in small production runs of unique designs. The customisation has no influence on your quality control or safety standards.

Of course, we will remain by your side, with help and advice during the integration within your existing production processes, enabling you to continue working to high efficiency and hindering any interference in delivery capabilities.

Fulfil customer wishes on demand!

Your additional brand value

  • Durable, scratch-resistant design
  • Maintains quality and safety standards
  • Both cost-efficient mass and small production runs possible
  • Simple integration into existing processes
  • Reduces storage costs and overproduction

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