Perigon films, with an innovative Sihl inkjet coating, are part of the exceptional solution for the transfer of images and open the door to endless possibilities for individualised product designs. These films allow the perfect transfer of designs to various 3D structures, from untreated polymers and extruded plastics through to metals, glass, ceramics and other substrates treated with a polyester coating before transfer.

Thanks to the low softening point of the films the air can be removed (the vacuum pressure) relatively quickly after securing the film in the frame or around the object, preventing immature sublimation taking place. Sihl’s 3D films allow perfect forming around all shapes, transferring the dye inks at a quick rate and leaving no corner, curve or nook uncovered.The film forms perfectly around any complex three-dimensional object, without causing any folds or creases in the transferred image. Even at lower temperatures the images are reproduced bright, homogeneous colours. The film is also recyclable.

Advantages of Perigon films with innovative Sihl coating

High productivity High productivity
Perfect forming Perfect forming
Bright colours Bright colours
Recycable Recycable

See the films in the diffusion process here

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