A unique bottle design

Forbidden Cocktails

Forbidden Cocktails is a story of ingenuity and artistry, inspired by Brian Smith, Founder of the Blind Pig, Jersey Channel Islands and brought to life by the talented team of bartenders and shareholder of Sippin Gin distiller; Michelin star trained chef Dany Lancaster.

Forbidden recognised the critical importance of standing out from competitors and emphasising the premium character of their brand. Eye-catching and stylish designs are part of your brand identity.

"Forbidden Cocktails were looking for something new and exciting that none else was doing with a label, it was an easy choice when we saw this technology."

Brian Smith, Forbidden Cocktails

Forbidden Cocktails

Each drink stands for a special taste with a unique story. The special bottle design reflects this uniqueness. This ensures a high recognition value for the customer: Forbidden remains in the memory!

Choosing the bottle is just the beginning.

Since Perigon technology can print any complex shape, creativity in form and design is possible without any limits.

The glass bottles are pre-treated

That means given a coating. The coating enables fixation for the printing inks and can be transparent or white, depending on the requirements.

The printing gives the glass bottle its individuality

and makes it appear as a brand ambassador. Thanks to the Perigon printing technique, 360-degree printing is possible, even on unusual bottle shapes.

With Perigon technology, brands like Forbidden Cocktails can use short runs and the flexibility to produce exactly what they need. They can also make changes on the fly and adapt the design for limited edition specials, for example.

Perigon offers a fast, cost-effective solution, no matter how large the run is. We provide advice and support for integration into existing processes so that efficiency and logistics are not compromised. High stock levels and overproduction are a thing of the past thanks to Perigon. 

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