What does Perigon stand for?

What does Perigon stand for?

Enable creativity

Perigon provides solutions for any company, no matter how large or small, premium brands or generic goods to inspire their customers through innovative personalisation encouraging people to actively participate in product design.

How do we do it? This is all possible through the solutions Perigon can provide for decorating any complex 3D products as shoes, helmets, sunglasses and design bottles. Perigon is passionate about creating tailored solutions for any size operation from individual production through the range to mass production. 

“Our passion is to promote individual creativity through personalisation.”

Stephan Schmitz, Managing Director Perigon

Services include the suitable oven model to fulfil your business requirements, printers, film for transferring to various substrates, equipment needed for drying printed films, jigs needed to support the product to be transferred through to comprehensive technical support for multinational companies. Consumers should be able to actively shape their products - they become product designers and can customise products according to their requirements. 

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