"At Old Elk Distillery, we craft a remarkably smooth and innovative spirit that transcends tradition.

This uniqueness is reflected not only in the whiskey's distinctive taste, but also in its design.

Old Elk's eye-catching toppers, have an enormous value with the brand."

“With Perigon, we get a durable and unique design on our complex toppers, highlighting the character of our brand!"

Old Elk Distillery

A simple process

  • The desired image is digitally printed on a thermoformable film with special inks. 
  • The toppers and the foil are placed in the Perigon vacuum oven. The temperature in the oven is increased until the film is soft and flexible. At this point a vacuum is created and the soft film is formed around the product. It fits like a glove.
  • Diffusion starts: this means that the ink is gaseous and transfers into the amorphous structure of the substrate. In this way the desired image transfers from the film to the topper. 
  • That’s it…Ready…!!!

"Old Elk prides itself on innovation and a world-class offering of high-quality products with distinctive designs. Customers love it!"

Old Elk Distillery

The company Old Elk

Success has proven the company right: today, the Old Elk portfolio is available in all 50 states, including flagship Blended Straight Bourbon, Whiskeysmith Co.™ Flavored Whiskey, Dry Town® Gin and Nooku® Bourbon Cream.

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