Perigon with a green footprint

Perigon with a green footprint

More than “just” environmental protection

Sustainability is more than “just” environmental protection, as there are three factors that must be considered: the environment, the economy and social affairs. Sustainable action means already thinking about tomorrow today, to allow the next generation to live in a future orientated world worth living in.

For Perigon, this means taking ecological responsibility and creating fair working conditions as a central element of the corporate strategy as well as an important success factor. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is our guiding principle and it sums up what we do. Our goal is to minimise our equally logical footprint that's why we create products and solutions with which the available resources can be used in the best possible way and for whose sustainability can be proven with certification.

Produce only what is necessary

Whether it's one-offs, short runs or mass production, the straightforward and fast process means you can produce exactly the quantity you need. No overproduction, no waste!

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Produce according to the wishes of your customers

With the Perigon solution, you can produce creativity on-demand according to the wishes of your customers. Regardless of whether it's a single or short run or even mass production, the uncomplicated and fast process means you can produce exactly the amount you need. Therefore, you avoid the production of unnecessary products, you do not have to fill your warehouses and end with an overproduction, hence you do not produce any additional waste. 

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With Perigon, you produce locally, thus saving long transport routes and minimising your CO2 footprint enormously.

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