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Our special vacuum ovens ensure high quality print results. We have the right model for every quantity: the compact Perigon 1000 for space-saving in-store concepts, the Perigon 2000 for medium production runs and the Perigon 3000 for efficient volume production. 

Our ovens are designed especially for the Perigon process. They vary in size and the number of loading and unloading stations, and therefore in productivity. We’re happy to advise on the right oven for you. 

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Perigon 1000: The oven for small quantities

With one loading box and one heat chamber, the Perigon 1000 is our most compact model. It is specially designed for the production of small quantities and is particularly suitable for online print services and businesses where space is at a premium. A monitor (optional accessory) allows you to view the approx. 30-minute printing process as it happens. 

The benefits of the Perigon 1000

  • Ideal for individual items and short runs 
  • For example, five bottles (sides) per cycle
  • Twelve cycles per hour
  • Operation with one loading box
  • Box size: 600 x 600 mm

  • 30 full-cover prints per hour
  • On-site personalisation
  • Personalised processes with low volume e.g. sampling
  • 1 operator per machine

Perigon 2000: The oven for medium volumes

The Perigon 2000 has two loading boxes and one heat chamber, making it ideal for medium runs. The second box can be loaded while the film is heating up in the heat chamber and being transferred to the 3D objects. This allows fast and efficient processes involving higher volumes. 

The benefits of the Perigon 2000

  • Ideal for medium runs, e.g. 10 bottles (sides) per cycle
  • 15 cycles per hour
  • Operation with two loading boxes
  • Box size up to 750 mm x 900 mm
  • 75 full-cover prints per hour
  • High degree of individualisation possible
  • 1 or 2 operators per machine

Perigon 3000: The oven for efficient volume production

The Perigon 3000 is designed for efficient volume production and has multiple heating chambers and numerous drawers, enabling an automated process. It is suitable for the continuous production of high volumes, such as bottles or mugs.

The benefits of the Perigon 3000

  • Ideal for large volumes and mass production
  • For example, 16 bottles (sides) per cycle
  • 60 cycles per hour
  • Multi-tray/oven operation
  • Box size up to 650 mm x 1200 mm
  • 480 full-cover prints per hour
  • Customisation possible
  • 2 operators per machine
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