COMMERCIAL - print on demand for medium runs

Print on demand for medium runs

This solution is for example the ideal one for online shops who hold no stock. A rotating table oven, consisting of two trays, while one is being filled the other is in the heating chamber being transferred. This allows a higher productivity than that of the single tray option but takes up less space than the ovens for mass production. Keeping you efficient and enabling a quick delivery to your customers.

Your benefits of a Perigon solution

  • You offer customised products
  • Customer is involved in product design
  • Local production
  • Low stock
  • High productivity
  • Fast delivery to customers

All you need

  • The complete solution consists of printer, ink, film and oven
  • Guaranteed personal all-round service with worldwide support
  • We offer you comprehensive and qualified support from experts
  • We advise you individually according to your needs
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